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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  September 24, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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liver component to the death, but we won't know yet. >> zoo says the cub's mother did sleep well last night and is showing signs of returning to normal. >> she is cradling a toy. she did come out and interact with the keepers, which is a great sign that's what she usually does. >> panda exhibit at the zoo was closed to the public, but we did catch a few glimpses of father bear and somebody left a condolence card outside the pen. >> that's pretty sad, because they go through a lot of work to get a baby panda. and here, this is, you know, one is taken away just like that. >> four u.s. zoos have pandas. the first set arrived at the national zoo back in 1972. a gift from china in honor of president nixon's visit to that country. they did successfully mate once before and gave birth to the cub back in 2005. today, just a few hundred
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pandas are in captivity around the world and only a few thousand are believed to remain in the wild. >> let's hope that the next time things work out a little bit better. >> we can only hope. experts let us know in the first two weeks of life in captivity, pandas have a mortality rate of 18%. several students got sick today at ballou high in southeast d.c. their illness blamed on apples brought in by one of the teachers. fire and rescue crews had to be called in. a hazmat unit tested the air and apples. they didn't find anything, but the remaining apples were carried off for further testing. >> the teachers in the world and apples, so that's the problem i had with it. >> you don't think teachers should be bringing in food from the outside? >> absolutely not. >> it was probably a bad bunch. >> you taste the apples? >> yes. >> how did they taste? >> good. delicious. >> three of those kids had to go to children's hospital. the apples came from her family farm up in pennsylvania.
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>> a high school student struck by a police cruiser is in fair condition tonight. 15-year-old richards was hurt friday night as police were responding to fights near the gaithersburg fool. the sophomore has been placed on administrative leave. councilman is on hand to talk to students about the incident. now despite the fight, the principal says the homecoming game will go on as scheduled. >> should maryland's utility companies will allowed to collect a surcharge from customers in the first 24 hours after a major power outage? that is something under consideration by the state's public service commission. andrea mccarren sat in on the hearing this afternoon to cap the story. >> this is really just a matter of principle. as one commissioner said, charging customers a special fee when they are sitting in the dark without electricity is like pouring salt into their wounds. despite the chaos that ensued in many parts of the state, maryland utility company say
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taking away their ability to collect the surcharge to the first 24 hours after a storm is an unfair penalty. >> there are fixed costs that still have to be covered. again, the commission looked at this last year after hurricane irene and made a decision this january that it was appropriate for the utilities to collect for the first 24 hours. after that, it wasn't. >> lawyers for the utilities point out the surcharge only kicks in when there has been a major outage affecting at least 100,000 customers. and they need the extra fee to help balance losses. it's an estimated 49 cents for each customer. >> it isn't even the number of dollars. it's the idea that the customer had tremendous damage. >> residents argue they lost money, too, on unrefrigerated food that spoiled. meals out, motel and pet care costs as well as gas
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generators. >> the customers then have to say, oh, by the way, not only are you going to get anything from the company, but you have to pay the company for the amount they didn't receive because they didn't deliver you any electricity. >> no one is sure how soon the commission will make its decision. it could be a matter of weeks or months. hopefully before the next big storm. in baltimore, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> pepco workers just may be headed for the picket line. union workers are said to vote, leaders are asking him to reject it. the utility company said it's the last and final offer. the post reports two sides met with the mediator 51 times and they don't have a good time. the last time they walked off the job, 1985. it already distributes distributes free condoms, and now free morning after contraceptive pills. they are being made available. girls as young as 14 can get
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the morning after pills and they don't need their parents consent. about 7,000 girls get pregnant by age 17. half of them have abortions. >> you have to opt in to donate your organs, okay? you have to opt in. parents need to opt in with informed consent. this is not just giving a condom to a young person. this is talking about a chemical, hormonal, drug cocktail. the parents have a right to know. >> we know that in new york city public schools, about 40% of young people are sexually active. and while we totally encourage them and believe it's so critical that they talk with their parents, not all young people can or feel they can. and yet they are sexually active and looking at how we can protect these young people. >> now parents have been notified about the pilot's program distributing those free morning after pills and how they can opt out of it. what do you think about this one? should there be morning after
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pills available? even without the commission? share your thoughts on the 9news facebook page or get mcginty's mail bag. the address is it was supposed to be one of their strong points, but as week four of the nfl season approaches, it is clear the redskins defense needs help and they need it desperately. to deal out a season high 38 points to the bengals yesterday. by the way, the bengals racked up 378 yards at the season opener at fedex. washington did manage to claw back from a deficit to tie it up during the second half, but they came right back with two touchdowns. that was the winning margin. and then there was a blowup between the replacement refs and kyle shanahan, the offensive coordinator at the end of the game. >> shanahan did release a statement and it reads in part, i was frustrated and in the process of getting answers. i conducted myself in the wrong way. my emotions got the best of me
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and i know my responsibility, this will never happen again. the head coach and his dad did not take it very calmly, either. >> i'm not sure i was very cool in that situation. i was very, very strong with my words to the official that it wasn't the end of the game. now is that cool or is he trying to get one more and explain what the rules are in the national football league? >> the reds play the tampa bay buccaneers next sunday. >> all right, top, so good thing the redskins are out of town next week, because it could be rough. tonight it's going to be cool. >> it is. if you are headed out, right now it's okay, but sun is just set and it's going to fall like a stone tonight. we'll start with current temperatures. everybody in the 60s already. low 60s in gaithersburg and leesburg. 64 in frederick. and even downtown at 65 and 62 is far south as fredericksburg. satellite picture, radar combined, it is clear. we're going to see clear skies tonight and for the most part,
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clear skies tomorrow morning. we'll see some clouds come in tomorrow afternoon. for tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but not too far, otherwise you'll be cold. winds southwest at 10. we'll come back and talk about this date in history and talk about a satellite that is no longer working. derek. >> thank you, top. coming up on 9news now, it's a trampoline. it's a tight rope. it's kind of both. we'll check in with madonna when we come back. plus, the washington sniper, bruce leshan talks to one of the early victims who survived being shot five times. this story in minutes.
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there's a new explanation out there for some of rick perry's gaps during his
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unsuccessful run. the author of a new book says the texas governor was suffering from mild sleep apnia. the more memorable moments came during that debate when perry couldn't remember those three federal agencies he proposed to eliminate. perry's sleep problems went undetected for years. the condition improved and the symptoms went away once they recovered from back surgery and able to exercise regularly. the material girl, madonna, and her colleagues have another performance tonight at verison. now, flak lining is sort of like a combination of tight rope walking and trampoline. it ain't easy. check it out. we caught up with the gibbons slack liners practicing today. they finished up the european leg of the tour with madonna and appearing during her shows now in this country. for only on 9 tonight, cyber victim's nightmares have faded. he will never forget the bang
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that served as a violent prelude to the sniper killings that shook our whole region a decade ago now. bruce leshan talked with him this morning. >> and you saw something. >> just a little shadow to my left. before i could turn my head, this window exploded. >> paul still has his lucky green car. >> he had run from the back and he stood right here and shot right through the window. >> he was leaving his pizza joint in prince georges september 5, 2002, when lee shot him five times with the .22 caliber handgun. you can hear larufa pleading for help on a 911 call. >> there's been a shooting. a guy came out from behind the store and shot paul larufa. >> he's wearing a t-shirt that said, i only have to be nice to one person today and on the back said, today is not your day. >> it was the proceeds from
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robyn in this parking lot that financed the sniper's killing spree. laruffa recovered quickly and just as scared as the rest of us as the snipers carried out their deadly work. >> irony is, i was already shot by the people i was scared of, but i didn't know it. >> look at kyle, he's getting into it. >> he is retired now, enjoying the grandkids. he once then told sniper victim, brown, the nightmares eventually fade. >> mohommed is dead, he is locked up for life, but there is still evil out there. >> i think it could easily happen again. >> now he tells bruce leshan he thinks about the sniper spree and how he was hurt, but it no longer haunts him. >> topper's forecast is up next. we'll talk about this cool looking waterspout along with weird news. stick around for that.
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check out the cool pictures from lake michigan over the weekend. a waterspout recorded just off the coast of south haven, michigan, the national weather service classified waterspouts as fair weathered or tornadic. they can be captivating to watch, the weather service says don't move in close or it will be your boat twirling around. >> you're right.
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here's the deal. a tornado is actually just a waterspout over water. >> so the fair weather thing -- >> it can occur in not severe weather, but still a violently rotating column of air either way. a couple things, 11 years ago, it was the college park tornado on this date. so go to our website and check out my blog for more on that. that was devastating tornado. and also, on sunday, one of the satellites shut down. it's not a big deal, we are starting to get satellite pictures. the satellite that takes place and tracks hurricane is having problems. it was put into service in 2010. they are trying to diagnose the problems. >> let's take a live look outside. this is nice. clear skies. high was 70 today. the michael and son weather cam, we're in the 60s. even downtown, it's 65 already. dew point in the 30s. so that means it's going to be a chilly night. winds south, southwest at 7.
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pressure down a little bit over the past hour. 30.15 inches of mercury. temperatures, 61 already in great falls. 62 in vienna. 61 in fairfax and gaithersburg. 60 in bethesda. 62 in college park. we have a 59 already in bowie. so temperatures are really going to tank tonight. you'll need a jacket or sweater. chilly again tonight, the kids will definitely need a sweater at the bus stop. everybody needs sunglasses tomorrow and it will be warmer on wednesday. in fact, even a touch of summer on wednesday. these touches of summer are going to be fading very quickly. tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but not too far. low temperatures 45 to 55. winds southwest at 10. lows tonight, we're talking 40s in rockville and gaithersburg and these may not be low enough. we're going to revisit these tonight at 11:00. 46 in gaithersburg, 47 in reston. 47 in fairfax. 46 in sterling and 45 in leesburg and manassas. even to the east, we're talking 51 in college park and 50 in
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bowie. by morning, mostly sunny, breezy. breezes won't kick in right away. jacket for the kids, 40s and 50s. winds southwest 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, and milder. a great day. temperatures around 75. winds southwest 10 to 15. we'll keep everything code green for now. 76 tomorrow. very nice. warmer on wednesday, 82. yes, there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. don't alter your plans just yet. showers linger on thursday. and then the next seven days, well, showers linger on friday. temperatures go into the low 70s and then there's a possibility of a nor easter on saturday and sunday. temperatures will struggle to get to 70 over the weekend. back in the low 70s on monday. ravens in town thursday. some showers possible and 60s and then nats in town monday, showers in the low 70s. >> i feel drops. >> it's only monday. >> okay. things could change.
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>> meantime, let's get to our weird news where we head south. specifically where if you buy a diamond, you can get a hunting rifle thrown in with the deal. buy a $2500 ring, you'll get a hunting rifle in georgia. a local radio ad reminds us hunting season is just around the corner and the jeweler says he has the gun idea after seeing a similar promotion from a car dealer in missouri. anybody putting up the money can walk out of the diamonds with a rock. however, you don't get the gun right away. they get a voucher for the rival and follow all the rules and regulations, still, it's a bit of bang for the bling is a way of putting it. >> everyone would be happy. >> and you'd be looking good wearing your diamond while you are out there hunting things. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address is 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, apparently the weekend did little to calm the ire of those who are upset with mitt romney over his now famous, or notorious, depends on your politics, comments regarding the 47% of americans he says will never vote for him. karen from alexandria says people have been missing the real point of all this. there's been no discussion of the intonation in his voice in his uttering of the world, entitled, which i found most offensive. vocal tone as well as body language is also why i was so disturbed by joe biden's recent back in chains comment. at least the republican hopeful had the good sense not to make his blunder in front of the subject audience which is not saying much. you recall if african americans were offended by biden's cast, you are right about romney.
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i have been saying this all along. his political calculations weren't far off. holding half of the country in deep content is the real problem. then there was this from craig in king george, virginia, who is sick of the thing. i am warn out from all those political ads. the spin doctors can make anyone look like person of the year. so is it showing initiative or fraud? can we trust anyone who would mislead us for our vote? and when it's both candidates, how do we choose? lesser of two evils? it's pretty sad that it may come down to that. think about this, somebody once said to me, if there is no one you can support, surely there's someone you like to vote against. cast your vote for mcginty's mail bag. the address is and don't you can log on any time you
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like to we will always be there for you v. a good evening. we'll talk to you a little later on. bye bye.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. from the nokia theatre in downtown los angeles. >> "e.t." is first with the stars at the emmys. >> "e.t." is at the emmys. let's go. >> let's go. >> let's go. >> say let's go at the end? >> let's go! >> let's go! >> sofia vergara, popping out of her gown, literally. and her first interview with her fiance since getting engaged. >> what did he do to secure the most desirable woman in the world? >> a big one. a big ring. >> hollywood's 102-degree heat wave. >> it's hot out here. >> oh. >> i wore an ice pack down between my -- >> where? >> and the tears backstage with nancy as "modern family" takes the night. >> you're getting emotional.


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